I first started going to Molly for massages when I was about 5 months pregnant with my first child.  My husband had been going to Molly for quite a while and he had such high praises about her, so when my back started bothering me, I decided I would try Molly out.  I had never had a massage before so I was a little skeptical.  Molly made me feel so comfortable and relaxed that I was soon a regular client.

I continued to see Molly throughout my pregnancy and her massages made such a difference!!  I had severe middle back pain the last few months of my pregnancy and every week Molly worked her best on my back.  I can't tell you how much her massages helped combat the pain.  After a few weeks the pain considerably diminished.  I attribute that to Molly.  She is wonderful!

It has been a year and a half since I started going to Molly and I couldn't be happier.  Every week she works her magic on me and I feel refreshed, reenergized and relaxed.  Molly is very excited about what she does and you can tell she loves helping people.  She listens to her clients to discover what areas are bothering you and concentrates on making you feel better.  She will be greatly missed in the Northfield area by her many loyal clients.  I wish her the best and I hope that her future clients realize how lucky they are to have her!

Kristy Campbell, Northfield, MN 

I am a 54 year old woman who was injured in a car accident.  I had alot of pain in the muscles in my back, neck, and shoulders.  I went to have a massage from Molly in hope it would relieve some of my discomfort.  Molly was a miracle worker with her soft relaxing voice and her soothing fingers.  I was able to toally relax!  Now I am enjoying life with a lot less pain.  Thanks so much, Molly!

Lola Groves

I highly recommend Molly as a massage therapist.  She has been invaluable to me in helping with my recovery from meets and training.  The training I do as a professional strength athlete is very extreme in nature and my body is under constant stress.  Molly has developed a massage program for me that is designed for prevention and recovery.  She is very knowledgable in her field and is highly recommended.

Karl Gillingham, World Strongest Man Competitor

We wnat to thank you, Molly, for your excellent massage therapy treatment and kind care you have provided us.  Both Marie and I feel that massage therapy has been a wonderful adjunct to our overall health.  I began seeing Dr. Corbett for chiropractic care about 2.5 years ago for pain stemming from my lower back to my left ankle region.  The chiropractor was able to make the pain subside, but then head and neck pain caused from poor ergonomic techniques as a dentist began to prevail.  At my wife's suggestion, I began massage therapy with you and that helped with musculature problems.  I appreciate your professionalism and genuine care for individuals and I strongly encourage people to seek care from you.  I feel that your massage therapy combined with the chiropractic maintenance therapy I receive, is the perfect blend for my health.  As a dentist, I have given my patients your business card to seek head and neck treatment and TMJ therapy to relieve tension and stress that I see my patients exhibiting, which often affects their teeth and facial musculature.

Molly, Marie wants to thank you for your kind and gentle treatment while providing massage therapy.  She sought treatment from you because she has chronic pain.  Marie began with chiropractic treatment, but wasn't finding resolution to the chronic pain.  She added physical therapy to that regimen, which helped, because the pain seemed to be more muscular in nature rather than skeletal.  Upon completion of physical therapy, the pain quickly grew and Marie found your therapy to be the perfect adjunct that controlled pain and added relaxation.  Since implementing massage therapy, Marie has not had to return to physical therapy and has been pain free.

We will miss your massage therapy services.  Your professionalism and gentle techniques make you an asset to anyone's health care.  We feel that you have been wonderful in combining therapy with both our chiropractor and physical therapist and we both strongly recommend you to any potential clientele. Please feel free to give our name and number to any clientele if they would like to ask additional questions about the services we received.

Dr. Jim and Marie Perry

Molly is an excellent massage therapist endowed with special gifts of empathy, training, and talent to find the source of specific physical problems.  Her holistic medicinal approach is appropriate for all patient levels.  She is mindful of ones overall condition and willing to modify treatments accordingly.  I would highly recommend her therapies to anyone.

G.W. Peterson, PGA Professional

I am writing on behalf of Molly McChesney for her outstanding work as a massage therapist.  First and foremost, she has amazing command of the body parts and describes them as she works to relieve tension, etc.  She is also gifted with the work she does with her hands, gentle but firm.  She finds tense spots by feeling with her hands.  She also discovers spots on the body that look different.  I am grateful that she suggested I see a specialist to have a mole looked at-thankfully, it was non-cancerous.  Molly is very intersting when talking to you as she is working.  She is all engaging.  She knows my line of work and helps me with my tensions.  I am a musician, and she is able to relieve the tension in my arms so that I am able to play for longer periods of time.  I highly recommend Molly to anyone who needs help with any body problems.

Paul Tarabek

I have been having massages from Molly since early 2003.  I usually have a massage once every three or four weeks, but if there is need for extra work, she is willing to do it at an earlier date.  Molly is very friendly and talk comes easily.  She puts me at ease, thereby making the massage more effective.  More importantly, Molly knows her business - she uses the amount of pressure necessary to relieve the soreness but does not go so far as to hurt the area.  She often adds medical terminology - which muscle she is working and how it affects the body.  She also know at home "tricks" to keep me less tense:  exercises, vitamins, stretches, etc.  She believes in treating the whole person with as few drugs as possible, something I also believe in.  Her knowledge has helped me through shoulder and knee surgeries as well as hand stiffness.  She is very qualified to continue doing massage therapy.

Judy Tarabek